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Be healthy. Be you. At Bfine, we are happy, when you are healthy! Our team is committed to help you be your best by offering quality healthcare services at the comfort of your home sweet home. We are there whenever your health need care
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Helping you donate
or recieve the gift of life!

Donating blood is a SAFE and EASY process. Patients suffering from life threatening diseases and infections that cause the body to stop making blood are the ones who are more in need of blood transfusion. In recent analysis, we found that many patients die due to lack of availability of blood on time. Though donating blood is simple and safe, yet many of us are not sure how to donate and where to donate blood. At Bfine, we help donate as well as receive blood, in one’s hour of need.

Request for blood: Upon request, Bfine will share the contact details of donors, matching your request. Click here

Donate blood: Register with Bfine as a donor. We will send you an SMS/Email whenever there is a requirement matching your blood group. Click here

We Specialized In


Vaccination Drive

Vaccination campus at corporate offices, apartments & housing societies is a key step in ensuring maximum vaccination


Nurse Visit at Home

Long-term Nursing Services: Trained nurses for critical care needs, long-term nursing care services

Short-term Nursing Services: IM Injection and IV Infusion, Tracheostomy and Suctioning Aid, wound Management, Urinary Catheterization


Physiotherapy at Home

Orthopedic Care, Geriatric Care, Sports Injury, Neurological and Post Operative Care, Chronic Pulmonary Aid


Baby-Mother Care Services at Home

This type of approach to our work helps our specialists to quickly develop better apps.


Equipment on
Rent / Purchase at Home

We also develop free apps that can be downloaded online without any payments.


Care Givers at Home

All our products have high usability allowing users to easily operate the apps.

Vaccination Drive